10 Cozy Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You to Stay in Bed All Day

10 Cozy Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You to Stay in Bed All Day

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Designing your new bedroom or redoing the space to add a touch of your personality? Here are a few warm and cozy bedroom ideas to help you. You can read the following topics in detail for inspiration when planning the decor of your bedroom. 

  • Introduction
  • Top 10 ideas for cozy bedrooms
  • What colours are the best for a cozy bedroom
  • Conclusion
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If you are looking for cozy bedroom ideas that will make you want to stay in bed all day or just relax with a book and a warm cup of coffee, you have landed at the right place. Planning the interiors of your bedroom is so much more than just picking the right-sized furniture or ensuring there is ample lighting and ventilation. You need to select the right colours, textures and fabrics that align with your taste and also make your bedroom, your haven. Your bedroom should not just be another corner in the room with some furniture and some design. It must be a thoughtful space designed keeping in mind your likes and dislikes, the overall theme of the house, your comfort- visual and physical and your aesthetic. All this while keeping in mind that you do not end up draining your savings decorating your bedroom. 

In this article, we will be sharing with you budget-friendly ideas for a cozy bedroom. We will look at how adding or subtracting just a few elements can complete the overall look and feel of your room to add more to your sleep quality. 

Top 10 Ideas For Cozy Bedrooms

If you are a design enthusiast, a designer or just someone planning their bedroom, you have surely searched for cozy bedroom decor on every website possible and have a bunch of pictures that have been very pleasing for you. You must be wondering what is it that makes the bedroom in the picture look so different from your bedroom. Here are the top 10 cozy bedroom ideas that will help you create a bedroom straight out of your inspiration board and interior decor magazines. 

  1. A Comfortable Bed That Makes You Want To Dive In Right Away

Let us begin with the bed which is certainly one of the main elements of your room. Choose the right size bed and mattress that does not restrict your movement. Choose the right type of mattress that offers quality sleep. This will not only make your bedroom feel cozy but also make your sleep healthier. 

  1. Some Add-Ons For Your Bed

You need to have pillows for your bed that will not give you neck or shoulder pain in the morning. That being said, you also need to have a lot of pillows because there is nothing known as too many pillows. As cozy as a pillow must feel, it should also be comfortable. More pillows will always add to your experience of a cozy bedroom

  1. Blankets And More

Layer up your bed with different textures and fabrics. Go natural! There are no two ways about choosing fabrics for your bed. This is one of the best warm and cozy bedroom ideas as blankets exude not only the feeling of warmth but also keep you cozy. Choose textures that complement your bed frame, pillows and the overall interior of the room. 

  1. Off The Bed, Right On To The Floor

Waking up from a cozy sleep, do you wish to place your feet on the cold flooring? Not really. Add area rugs to the space right below the bed. This will ensure that every time you get off this sanctuary you are still in your comfort zone. You may or may not carpet the entire room but adding a few rugs is a great way of layering up for bedroom decor

  1. Wood Works

One of the most common bedroom ideas is to incorporate more wood. No, you do not have to load the room with more furniture you need to add the touch and feel of wood. This could be done with wooden panels on your walls or just a wallpaper with this kind of texture. If you are buying new furniture, make sure to pick warm wood colours and not go on the cool side. Also make sure to add little elements like a side table, a dresser and so on. Make sure the colour of your furniture goes well with the overall colour of your room. 

  1. The Colour Palette

Choosing the right colours for your room is an entirely different project altogether and there are so many ideas that will come your way for this. Some options for you when designing a cozy room are going monochrome, making your room dark with a dark colour or just keeping your walls plain with one wall dark or choosing floral colours.

  1. Wallpapers

Keep your walls plain and simple. Do not add more than one wallpaper on one side which just adds to the theme of your room and goes well with the overall colour palette. Make sure the wallpaper does not look out of place. 

  1. Lighting

The lighting of your room goes way beyond having a lot of light in the room that can make reading or working possible. You need to make your bedroom cozy by picking the right kind of light. Mood lighting or low light is very common these days for bedrooms to give you the right feels. You also need to ensure multiple sources of light are present in your room. 

  1. Your Windows Need Cover

Having a large window on one side of your room is a wonderful design idea that ensures enough air and light in your room but you do not need to use this as a window for other people to peep into your life. Add some curtains. It does not have to be a heavy tapestry but can be a sleek monochrome curtain that complements the room. 

  1. All The Little Things

This is one of the cozy bedroom ideas for people who love keeping in check the little details like having scented candles, indoor plants and flowers in their room. Avoid bringing in your phone or laptop and keep the room a more natural relaxing place than the rest of your home. 

What Colours Are The Best For A Cozy Bedroom?

The best colour for your bedroom is a colour that is visually pleasing for you. That being said, you need to ensure that colours that might look so good as outfit colours or automobile colours may not be very suitable for your bedroom walls, furniture or rug and so on. When planning your bedroom decor, picking the perfect colours is another big responsibility. You need to go towards the soft side of colours and pick something warm and comforting. Avoid having a very sharp contrast by picking up softer shades of white. If you would like to experiment with cool colours, makes sure to look up some inspiration boards and then pick something which is not too flashy. Keeping the room in a monochromatic palette is a great idea with different shades of one main colour or you can add only a few elements with complementing colours. For a cozy bedroom, keeping up with neutral colours is another option for you. Make sure your furniture fits in well with the colours you pick. 


Designing a bedroom that makes you feel cozy and comfortable and also goes well with your style is not the simplest task. As a non-designer, this might be even more tricky. Keeping this in mind, we created this little guide on cozy bedroom ideas. Here we have shared with you 10 ideas on how your bedroom can be designed and decorated to make it feel super comfortable and warm. You do not have to re-do the entire room if you are on a budget, keep what goes well for you and change the elements that are out of place or not very functional. Make sure it is all in harmony with your cozy bedroom design plan and does not look too disturbing. We hope this article would have helped you pick some of the best ideas for when you design your bedroom. 


Your bedroom is not only a part of your house where you spend a major part of your time but it should also be a reflection of your personality. After looking at some cozy bedroom ideas, you might have some questions about designing your room. Here we have answered a few common questions related to bedroom decor to answer your queries.

  1. What should be kept in mind while designing a bedroom?

There are seven factors that you must consider when designing your bedroom:

  • Cross ventilation
  • Amount of light and if you can adjust the light entering the room
  • Colour palette and theme of the room
  • Storage spaces in the room
  • The functionality of various elements
  • Physical and visual comfort
  • Privacy

  1. What are the features of a bedroom?

Some features of a good bedroom are:

  • A comfortable and cozy bed with the right sized and right type of mattress
  • Large wardrobes and other storage spaces
  • Dressing table
  • Mirror
  • Ambient lighting 
  • Visually comforting colours

  1. Why is it important to have a good bedroom?

Your bedroom is your safe space, your haven. Having a good bedroom ensures a relaxing experience with quality sleep and healthy living conditions for you.