Natural Latex Foam vs Memory Foam Mattress : Which is Right For You?

Natural Latex Foam vs Memory Foam Mattress : Which is Right For You?

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The right type of mattress will not only help you sleep comfortably but also ensure that you do not end up with any pain because of sleeping. For comparing latex foam v/s memory foam, you can read through the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • What is memory foam?
  • What is latex?
  • Pros and cons of memory foam
  • Pros and cons of latex mattress
  • Latex mattress v/s memory foam: key differences
  • Memory foam or latex mattress: which is right for you?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Comparing latex foam v/s memory foam mattresses for your bedroom? It is important to note that there are many different types of mattresses that are available in the Indian markets like latex, memory foam, innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses and so on. Of these, latex and memory foam mattresses are often compared with each other due to their similar property of being layered mattresses that adjust to the sleeper’s body. Despite this property, there are many differences between these two mattresses. In the following sections of this article, we will be looking at both these mattresses based on their features and compare latex v/s memory foam for back pain, sleep quality, heat retention and more. 

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattresses are made of a kind of polymer (a substance with large molecules, consisting of many small, similar subunits bonded together). This foam is processed by the manufacturers using a combination of chemicals and plant oils to induce viscoelastic properties in the foam. The memory foam when exposed to heat and pressure, stretches, conforms and molds. Not only is it durable, memory foam also changes its shape according to the body shape of the sleeper. Memory foam is known for its heat retention properties which is why it is treated during manufacturing for adding a cooling effect. On comparing the properties of latex foam v/s memory foam mattresses, memory foam is preferred for people with back pains but not for heavy sleepers. 

What Is Latex?

Latex mattresses are of three types: natural latex, synthetic latex or a blend of these two. The sap of the rubber tree is where natural latex is derived from while synthetic latex is man-made. Synthetic latex is generally cheap compared to a natural latex mattress but it is also less durable. On the other hand, natural latex is an eco-friendly option. If cared for well, the life of a latex foam mattress can be as long as 12 years. Comparing latex foam v/s memory foam, it is found that a latex mattress has a lifting feel while memory foam has a cradling feel. 

Pros And Cons Of Memory Foam

The advantages of a durable memory foam mattress are:

  • Pressure relief
  • Motion isolation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Affordable. 

The downsides of memory foam mattresses are:

  • Lack of edge support
  • Heat retention
  • Off-gassing
  • Slow responsiveness

Pros And Cons Of Latex Mattress

The benefits of using a latex mattress are:

The disadvantages of a synthetic or a natural latex foam mattress are:

  • Bouncy feel
  • Heavyweight
  • High price
  • Low availability

Latex Mattress V/s Memory Foam: Key Differences

In the previous sections, we weighed the pros and cons of both latex and memory foam mattresses. What are some factors based on which you can compare a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress? Let us find out. 


To begin with, let us consider the feature of how supportive the two mattresses are. Both mattresses offer a comfortable sleeping experience by keeping your spine aligned but in the longer run, natural latex mattresses are much more durable and responsive making them better for supporting the body. 


A latex mattress has a bouncy and responsive feel. It adapts to the shape of your body to a certain extent. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses have a body-hugging feel. The mattress will completely adapt to the shape of your body when you lay down and get back to its original shape when you move away. 

Body Type Of The Sleeper

Your body type also plays a role in which mattress will enhance the quality of your sleep. If you weigh below 90 KGs, a memory foam mattress is good for you but as a heavy sleeper, you might be more comfortable sleeping on a latex mattress.

Pressure Relief

Mattresses can offer pain relief by alleviating pain in certain problem areas of the body. Comparing latex v/s memory foam for back pain and other common pains we find that memory foam is extremely good with its properties of adapting to the shape of the body and cushioning the problem areas. 

Motion Isolation

This property of mattresses measures how well the mattress reduces motion transfer, that is, keeping the movement on one side of the bed from disturbing the person sleeping on the other side. Both latex and memory foam mattresses are comparable in this parameter. 

Temperature Neutrality

One major difference between latex and memory foam is that of heat retention. While memory foam can trap your body heat, latex mattresses remain at a neutral temperature. For temperature regulation, some manufacturers add extra features to memory foam mattresses. 

Memory Foam Or Latex Mattress: Which Is Right For You?

Choosing the right mattress completely depends on your sleeping preferences and budget. If you like the feeling of sinking into a mattress, you must choose memory foam but if you would like the mattress to be firm, latex is the option for you. For sleepers who would prefer a soft mattress, memory foam is the best option. If you also want an eco-friendly foam mattress, a natural latex mattress is the best for you. 


In the previous sections of this article, we looked at latex and memory foam mattresses in detail. We have described both these types of mattresses and also looked at the pros and cons of these two mattresses. Depending on your sleeping style and your health requirements, you can choose the type of mattress that best suits you. You can compare the features of both these mattresses and pick only what is right for you. 


After comparing the difference between latex and memory foam, you might have a few doubts about which mattress suits you better. Here we have answered a few questions related to these two mattresses to help you make a better choice for healthy sleep. 


  1. Which type of mattress is good for back support : latex or memory foam?

If you are suffering from back pain, a memory foam mattress is good for you.

  1. Is latex firmer than memory foam?

Yes, latex is firmer than memory foam. 


  1. Is it healthy to sleep on a latex mattress?

Yes, it is healthy to sleep on a latex mattress if you like sleeping in a naturally hygienic environment. 

  1. How long does a latex mattress last?

Latex mattresses last for more than 10 years.